Baptist Confession of Faith

What is Adoption? God has granted[1] that, in and for His only Son Jesus Christ,[2] all those who are justified[3] share in the grace of adoption. By this they are numbered with and enjoy...

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Repentance to Life and Salvation

Baptist Confession of Faith

What is Repentance to Life and Salvation? Some of the elect are converted in later years, having lived for some time in their natural state[1] in which they have served various...

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Baptist Confession of Faith

What is Sanctification? Those who are united to Christ, effectually called and regenerated, have a new heart and a new spirit created in them through the efficacy of Christ's death and...

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What do we believe?

Free Will

What is Free Will?

God has provided the human will by nature with liberty and power to act upon choice; it is neither forced, nor determined by any intrinsic necessity to do good or evil.[1]

In his state of innocence, Adam had freedom and power to will and to do what was good and well-pleasing to God;[2]but he was unstable so that he might fall from this condition.[3]

The human race through the fall into a state of sin, has completely lost all ability of will to perform any spiritual good accompanying salvation. In our natural state we are altogether opposed to spiritual good and dead in sin; we are not able, by our own strength, to convert ourselves, or even to prepare ourselves for conversion.[4]

When God converts sinners and transfers them into the state of grace, He frees them from their natural bondage to sin, and by His grace alone He enables them freely to will and to do what is spiritually good.[5]Nevertheless, because of their remaining corruption, they do not perfectly nor exclusively will what is good, but also will what is evil.[6]

Only in the state of glory will our wills be made perfectly and permanently free to do good alone.[7]

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