Baptist Confession of Faith

What is Adoption? God has granted[1] that, in and for His only Son Jesus Christ,[2] all those who are justified[3] share in the grace of adoption. By this they are numbered with and enjoy...

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Repentance to Life and Salvation

Baptist Confession of Faith

What is Repentance to Life and Salvation? Some of the elect are converted in later years, having lived for some time in their natural state[1] in which they have served various...

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Baptist Confession of Faith

What is Sanctification? Those who are united to Christ, effectually called and regenerated, have a new heart and a new spirit created in them through the efficacy of Christ's death and...

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What do we believe?


What is Baptism?

Baptism is an ordinance of the New Testament, ordained by Jesus Christ, to be to the person baptized a sign of fellowship with Christ in His death and resurrection, of being grafted into Him,[1] of remission of sins,[2] and of giving up oneself to God, through Jesus Christ, to live and walk in newness of life.[3]

Those who actually profess repentance towards God, faith in, and obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ, are the only proper subjects for this ordinance.[4]

The outward element to be used in this ordinance is water, in which the person is to be baptised[5] in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.[6]

Immersion, or dipping the person in water, is essential for the proper administration of this ordinance.[7]

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