Sunday School

Sunday School

Mission Statement

Scripture reference: Psalm 78:1-11; Deuteronomy 1-9

  • The SBC Sunday School exists primarily to converse the worth of Christ, sharing the wonders and the glorious deeds of God to the next generation/s until Jesus comes, through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and to His glory.
  • We aim to faithfully and diligently teach the full council of God, in a God-centred way, using all scripture for FORMATIVE INSTRUCTION, (2 Timothy 4:2 teaching, rebuking, correcting and training) in partnership with parents and the community towards raising Bible-saturated young people.
  • We aim to progressively nurture the next generation in the hope that they will passionately, know, worship and love God, as the only living God.
  • That they might set their hope in God, be totally satisfied in God, and be steadfast, faithful, standing firm in battle.
  • That they might trust, obey and serve God, with joy, in a personal, redemptive relationship through Jesus.
  • That they might be mighty in prayer.
  • That they might be zealous for missions and the spread of the gospel in all circumstances for all peoples.
  • We aim to reach out to the parents and community, conversing the Worth of Christ.
  • We commit to view all ministry decisions in light of the vision and mission statement.
  • Vision and Mission Statement review two (2) yearly and as the Spirit leads.


Springs Baptist Church Sunday School Vision Statement

Conversing the worth of Christ to the next generation/s and to the world.



  • "Conversing the Worth of Christ to the next generation, through the power of the Holy Spirit and to God's glory"
  • Raising up Bible-saturated children who are changed in their hearts and not only jumping through the hoops of good behaviour in front of us.

God-centred, age appropriate teaching and formative instruction / application is to be followed to shepherd and instruct each young person that they too might set their hope of salvation in the Lord Jesus.

  • God-centred curriculum is to be used.
  • 3yrs to Grade 3: Foundation of scripture through chronological exposition of the old and new testaments for children
  • Grade 4 upwards: Age appropriate choice of curricula. The curricula are to be chosen, through prayer, leading of the Holy Spirit and the needs of the youth perceived through the relationships built up.
  • Curriculums to be presented by born again teachers living redeemed lives, delighting in our Lord Jesus and diligently teaching the full council of God in the pursuit of passing on to the next generation/s the knowledge of God and his wonders that the young people they teach, might set their hope of salvation in the Lord Jesus.


    "How critical is it to provide your children with a world view that gives them a framework to understand your instruction and discipline." (Instructing a Child's heart. T & M Tripp pg. 9)
  • It is impressing the heart with truth.
  • God's truth, versus the, 'secular majority outlook of the society, media and world that bombards our children minute by minute.
  • "The Bible links thought to the heart. The power of the word of God is seen in the way "it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." (Hebrews 4:12)

Raising Bible-Saturated Children

  • Systematically reveal, in teaching the wonderful God we serve and His wondrous deeds.
  • "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your strength ... And love your neighbour as yourself." (Mark 12: 30 - 31)
  • We are bringing up children:
  • Psalm 1
  • To face God, at the day of judgement and eternity;
  • To live forever in heaven;
  • To delight in the Word of God
  • To prosper and bear spiritual fruit
  • To stand among the assembly of the righteous

Teachers and Christ-like Christians

  • Expose young people to Teachers and Christ-like Christians whose hope is in Christ and are totally satisfied and delighted in Him, modelling spiritual vitality. Committed to on-going development in their walk with the Lord and the skills required to teach and give Biblical formative instruction.
  • Lead by example: Be Christ like, God glorifying.
  • Access the secular culture that teaches our children principles and absolutes to live life
  • "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12.2 (Heart)"
  • Implement skilful use of Biblical formative instruction to instil God's truth, principles and His ways to live by, so that they may know, believe and trust in our Almighty God being steadfast, obedient, faithful and firm in His will and in battle against temptation and evil.
  • Prayerful preparation of lessons and prayer for each child. Teachers to be sensitive/skilled in addressing heart issues in need of formative instruction, as we encounter areas for growth and in relationship with each child.

LOVE and personalise THE SCRIPTURES!!!

  • Know, internalise our weapons of spiritual warfare. Know scripture, memorise scripture, apply scripture, "oozes" Scripture in praise and in all life situations.
  • Classrooms are to be vibrant and full of reminders of what is being learned.
  • Teach them how to be mighty in prayer.
  • Teach them about and include them warmly, in corporate worship, as part of the family of God.
  • Extend the love of Christ to each child as part of the family of God.

Missions: Awareness through exposure to what God has called all His children to do, spread the gospel to all peoples. Prayer for Christians worldwide for the spread of the Word.

  • Equipping them with the gospel to share, in a dying world.
  • Engage the help of the parents in the child's participation in the above. Curriculums send home letters.
  • Reaching out to parents and community by; Planned Events, Curriculums send home letters, sms, involvement with other church Sunday Schools, extend invites to S/S activities to Beavers and Exodus attendees and generally in the church weekly newsletter. Widening the exposure of the children of Springs to God-centred teaching of scripture.

Development of godly habits

  • Regular daily exposure/reading of scripture, scripture verse memorisation and prayer. Church attendance, spontaneous involvement in church and Sunday School, growing in the Fruit of the Spirit in interactions with others.


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